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Lone Star Communications

Lone Star Communications

Lone Star Communications is a dynamic, multi-awarded winning organization that was founded in 1991 by Raymond Bailey based on the core principles of ONE TEAM, ONE PURPOSE, ONE FAMILY and the mission to produce The Right Product, On Time, First Time, Every Time, with No Exceptions. ​

ONE TEAM represents our strong commitment to working as a UNIT with our clients and staff to ensure delivery of outstanding products, services and results.​

ONE PURPOSE is reflected in the tools we develop and install in institutions with the core purpose of “making communities safer” through simplified, integrated systems, resulting in heightened efficiency and comfort knowing that staff, students, patients, residents, patrons, and the community as a whole are secure and well-taken care of.​

ONE FAMILY: WE ARE FAMILY. Our community is an extension of that FAMILY. Therefore in anything we do, it is with the core goal of providing to those in need. We support our Family through donating to charities like Angel Flight, creating life safety tools to help increase the number of lives saved, gathering and disbursing emergency supplies after a tragedy like Harvey, and much more.

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