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Arkansas Department of Education

Arkansas Department of Education

The Arkansas Department of Education is transforming Arkansas to lead the nation in student-focused education.

The Arkansas Department of Education provides leadership, support, and service to schools, districts, and communities so every student graduates prepared for college, career, and community engagement

a. Striving to be a model of excellence that is dedicated to professional and ethical standards, the whole child, and effective results.

b. Driving action toward excellence through informed risk-taking.

c. Protecting the public trust by ensuring quality and accountability

a. Collaborating with others through mutual respect, trust, and professionalism.

b. Communicating in an open, honest, and transparent manner.

c. Fostering new ideas and promoting effective practices.

a. Providing quality service in a respectful, effective, and professional manner.

b. Administering agency programs and services with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

c. Leveraging state resources in a wise, efficient, and productive manner.

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