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2010 - Wireless Adjuster Training

Posted Date: 02/28/2023

Presenters: Devin Akin – CEO of Divergent Dynamics and CWNE #1
Class Size: 20
Price: $550 includes tech bundle
There is a large variety of WLAN analysis tools available in today’s market – many expensive and complicated. The Wireless Adjuster (Level I) course is designed for WLAN administrators and technicians and focuses on WLAN best practice assessment/remediation and the first 80% of troubleshooting tasks. This course includes in-depth discussions and intermediate-level uses of WLAN scanners. The Wireless Adjuster (Level I) course will take your practical WLAN troubleshooting skills to an entirely new level of efficiency and accuracy. There is a significant gap between the theory of IEEE 802.11 protocol analysis and its practical application in WLAN best practice assessment/remediation and troubleshooting. Analyzing millions of 802.11 frames is unnecessary in 80% (or more!) of WLAN troubleshooting scenarios. A more practical tool, the WLAN scanner, is not only sufficient, but far more efficient at sorting, filtering, and finding needles in haystacks. This course teaches when using a WLAN scanner is most appropriate, versus using other WLAN analysis tools. 

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Best practice assessment, appropriate and expedient remediation steps, and efficient troubleshooting across three knowledge domains: 1) connectivity, 2) performance, and 3) security. This course will hone your observation, analysis, and optimization skills.

WHAT YOU WILL DO: There will be a short presentation and lab prep work at the beginning of the course. This will be followed by WLAN scanner familiarization labs. The next step is a series of “canned” labs that help the student get more familiar with the WLAN scanner and its use in the troubleshooting process. Finally, there will be a series of “live labs” where the instructor configures a variety of “Bad-Fi” scenarios, and students use their new skills to find the WLAN deficiencies. This will be the most fun WLAN class you have ever attended – guaranteed!