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1017 – Journey into Physical Computing with the Circuit Playground

Posted Date: 02/26/2024

Presenter: Ashley Kincannon
Price:  –  $750, includes classroom set of 15 Circuit Playground Express - Base Kit 
Join us for a full-day coding workshop tailored for educators seeking to infuse their classrooms with the magic of coding. The morning session focuses on Python Turtle Graphics, introducing participants to the world of Python programming through a fun, interactive approach. Engaging hands-on activities will guide educators through the basics of Python syntax and commands, empowering them to create captivating graphics ranging from simple shapes to intricate patterns. This immersive experience not only demystifies Python but also equips educators with the tools to inspire students through interactive and visually stimulating coding lessons. No prior programming experience is needed. We will work together throughout this session.

As the day progresses, the afternoon session dives into the realm of programming using Circuit Python with Circuit Playgrounds. Participants will explore the potential of Circuit Python to control LEDs, respond to sensor inputs, and create interactive projects. With a focus on hands-on activities, educators will gain practical experience in teaching programming concepts effectively using a fun, interactive device. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the confidence and resources to integrate Python Turtle Graphics and Circuit Python into their classrooms, fostering a creative and dynamic coding environment. This full-day coding adventure promises to not only enhance educators' coding proficiency but also ignite a passion for coding in their students, making learning a truly interactive and enjoyable experience.